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CELLUVie® Scientific Team Develops Nutraceutical Anti-Aging Immune Booster

What is Glutathione
Glutathione is a protein, naturally occurring in the body, which supports the protection of cells, tissues and organs from premature aging and illness. Glutathione supports a healthy immune system, cellular energy production and detoxification of the blood stream. Glutathione, known as the master antioxidant, supports the proper functioning of every single cell in your body, helping it to regain its ability to heal itself.

Glutathione is being depleted from our bodies on a daily basis, and even more in people who are exposed to oxidative stressors such as: smoking, pollution, dietary deficiency, pharmaceuticals, radiation, bacterial and viral infections and alcohol consumption. Intracellular glutathione levels, within a cell or cells, appear to be a sensitive indicator of the cell’s overall health and its ability to resist toxic challenges.

The body is made up of over 100 trillion cells. Your eyes, nose, skin, heart, liver, fingernails, etc. are all made up of cells. As you are reading this, every second approximately 3.3 million cells die, and 3.3 million cells are replicated. You are either replicating healthy cells or unhealthy cells. Therefore, you could be either speeding the aging process or delaying the aging process.

CELLUVie® supports the elimination of free radicals within your cells so you regenerate healthy cells.

The CELLUVie® Superfood Solution
CELLUVie® acts as a precursor, a chemical reaction that produces another compound, supporting the increase of intracellular glutathione which helps regulate the immune system, protects against radiation, is a primary antioxidant and detoxifies cells.

The scientific team backed by 20 years of knowledge developed a unique proprietary process that helps delay the aging process, increase youthful energy and delay skin aging from the inside. Their proprietary process enhances the balance of specific peptides formulated with the important role of protecting cells, tissues and organs from premature aging.

This makes CELLUVie® the only well-balanced protein peptide superfood of its kind for maintaining youthful energetic cells. CELLUVie® is a tri-peptide complex made from minimally processed fresh dairy whey. It is one of the highest pharmaceutical-grade whey protein isolates on the market today with most people experiencing change in the first 30 days. It remains a natural product with no side effects.

Your tomorrow is determined by the health of your cells TODAY.


5/5 (1 Review)


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5/5 (1 Review)

Based on 5 reviews

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    Gloria S

    CelluVie has increased my over all wellness by leaps and bounds! I have had four spine surgeries, three of which involved spinal implants. There was constant discomfort Daily….NOT anymore!!!

    Gloria S

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    Wow! Never knew there were so many health benefits that Glutathione offers. Since I purchased my first pack of Celluvie, I’ve been doing a lot of research on Glutathione and I came across this short video that I would like to share:


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    I have been on CELLUVie for 1 month following the guide lines, everything is going better love CTFO for their wonderful products.


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    Celluvie is a game changer. I’ve had more energy, mental clarity and it’s reduced my cravings.


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    My twin sister and I both have Osteoarthritis. Her condition is worse than mine and she had a partial knee replacement about 2 years ago. She still suffers from inflammation, pain, and stiffness and since she works 10 hour days (standing), I started her on CTFO 10xPure Gold Super 1000 and the roll-on, which provided her a great deal of relief.

    In the interim, I started taking CelluVie and noticed that my knee pain went from a 6 to a 0 in about a week, which was simply amazing! So I ordered her some and sent it to her. She called me about a week later and told me not only was there a drastic difference in the state of her knees but she hasn’t even had to use the drops or roll on since starting CelluVie!

    She also reminded me of the car accident she was in back in 1993 when her car flipped over 3 times and was totaled. Since that day she hasn’t been able to move her neck back, to look up. But at work that day she happened to glance up at the ceiling and was shocked that not only could she move her neck but she experienced no pain whatsoever! She told me, “27 years Sandi! I haven’t been able to look up for 27 years!” Needless to say, she is thrilled with CelluVie and we are both CelluViers for LIFE!

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